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We answer the question – So what?

Welcome to Drill Link Analytics – home of strategy alignment, data analysis and predictive analysis, where we go beyond creating fancy visualisations but strive to answer the question – So what? So, what value does our analysis provide to a client? In what way does an organisation benefit from our solution? We fail when our solutions fail to answer these questions.

Organisations compete in an environment where 

technology evolves, market condition changes and consumers demand improvement and innovation. Having a solid strategy without successfully implementing it leaves organisations vulnerable to competition.


At Drill Link Analytics we work with our clients to translate their strategies to critical measures that articulates their vision, drives their value proposition and keeps them focus on sustaining long term profitability.


We understand the importance of making data-driven decisions, hence when we conduct analysis, we drill into details to reveal links and patterns hidden in customer data that provides meaningful customer insight.


Our services involve creating dynamic visualisations (that can be used to monitor and improve performance), translating organisation strategies to critical measures (for long term sustainable growth), conducting data analysis and predictive analysis.

About Drill Link Analytics

What We Do


Interactive Visualisation


Strategy Translation





Predictive Analysis

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