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Interactive Visualisation

Interactive Visualisation

At Drill Link Analytics, we combine our commercial acumen and technical experience to build dynamic dashboards that are insightful and designed to help with decision making.

We work with our clients to go through the discovery phase to build efficient data models and dashboards.


We build dynamic dashboards that are insightful, easy to use with notification alerts to keep users informed. Below are some examples.

  • Management Dashboard

  • KPI reporting

  • SLA monitoring

  • Performance monitoring and reporting

  • Balance Scorecard


Data Sources

We extract data from multiple data sources and below are some of the sources we have worked with.

  • JIRA, Google Analytics, Kognito, Twitter, Facebook Insights and other Web files

  • ODBC, Salesforce, PostgresSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, Azure, Essbase, OLE DB and other Databases 

BI Tools

  • QlikSense, Qlik View, Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics and SSRS

Dynamic Visualisation Explained

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